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Search Engine Evaluation Job


The only Online Job where you would be indirectly working for Google and helping them better the internet.


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So What Exactly is Search Engine Evaluation?

Search Engine Evaluation is the process of evaluating/rating Google search results on their helpfulness and relevance to user queries on the basis of certain parameters/KPIs outlined in a given Guideline. It also involves evaluating the quality of webpages and rating them as per given parameters/KPIs.  

And people who do search engine evaluation are called as search engine evaluators.

They are also known as  –

Web Search Evaluators

Google Raters


Internet Analyst

Web Content Judge

Internet Safety Analyst

Personalized Internet Assessor

Search Engine Evaluators Are

Unsung Heroes

Rarely acknowledged by Google, they are the underground army that polices the internet.

Location Independent

They work from anywhere, anytime and are location independent. 


Internet Ninjas

They are experts in researching about any website available online.

Here is Google CEO talking about Google Raters. Listen carefully.


He mentions EXTERNAL RATERS at 1:00


Have a Listen


Click/Tab To Read About The Key Takeaways From The Above Video

Google CEO Sundar Pichai mentions

External raters at 1:00

Objective Guidelines at 1:05

He talks about how external raters rates evaluates search results for relevance based on

objective guidelines.

Rating search results for relevance, based on certain parameters/KPIs as outlined in the

Objective Guidelines, also known as General Guidelines, is what SEARCH ENGINE EVALUATION

is all about.

And please note that, we, the external raters aka search engine evaluators are not responsible

for Trump appearing at the the top of Google Image results for the query “idiot”

There are over 200 ranking factors as Sundar Pichai mentioned at 0:44. We don’t directly

influence ranking of search results. That is above our pay grade.



Don’t you want to be one of those raters, working behind the scenes, helping

better the internet while making up to $4000 per month?


Don’t you think, it is high time your

Work revolved around your Life and

Not your Life around your Work?


I say It is about TIME !

I say it is about time, you stop searching for online work from home jobs.

I say it is about time, you give your little ones at home, more time and LOVE by being a

work at home mom/dad.

I say it is time, you make an extra income as a student.

I say it is time to do some



And I am here to help you do exactly that.

And I am here to help you become a Search Engine Evaluator aka Rater, work

indirectly for Google and make consistent monthly income.


I am here to help you crack the grueling SEARCH ENGINE QUALIFICATION TEST and work as an evaluator. 


So, why the heck should you trust me?

Who the heck am I?

How the hell am I gonna help you crack this qualification test?


I have been working as Search Engine Evaluator for over 3 years now.

I own a blog called Outside That Cubicle.

I am somebody who has been blogging about search engine evaluation since December 2016.

I am not asking you to believe me. I am asking you to see this short video and see for yourself, that I really own that website and that I have really been blogging about it for almost 3 years now.



I am not somebody who came out of the blue claiming to be working as a search engine evaluator, claiming to be in the top 10% percentile of raters.  Ah Ah..

You can check out my website and see for yourself, that I really am a search engine evaluator and have been so for many years now; if the above video was not more than enough proof to convince you.

I feel like I have more than proven my expertise and authority when it comes to search engine evaluation.

And now that I’ve proven my credentials, let’s dive in more.


Requirements To Be A Search Engine Evaluator

Have in-depth, up-to-date familiarity with social culture, media, and web culture of the country of your residence


 Broad range of interests, with specific areas of expertise a plus


Excellent web research skills and analytical abilities


Must be living in your country of residence for at least 5 consecutive years


Ability to work independently with minimal supervision


Have an active gmail account, excellent web research skills and analytical abilities


PC/MacOS, Android 4.0 or above, iOS 5 or above


And most importantly, have a Payoneer account to get paid.



Sign up to Payoneer below and get paid $25* as a bonus, as soon as you are paid $1000 to your Payoneer account


Look at this video of me, logging in to my Payoneer account. Check the amount I made per month.

You might be like – “Well how come the payments are only from October 2018, and not from 2016?

That’s because, Leapforce paid us via Western Union before.

After acquiring Leapforce, Appen changed the logo, branding, url, name and most importantly the payment method to PAYONEER from October 2018 onwards.

Now that I have convinced you to be a search engine evaluator, the next obvious question is

Which Search Engine Evaluator Company do I go for? 

There are 4 of them


Appen (formerly Leapforce)









Here is a comparison of all the 4 companies. Click/tab to expand.

Pro-tip: Apply to all the companies  and go  with the one that responds the quickest.

I would personally recommend Appen because, there are no hourly limits, got multiple projects and has referral program.


Hires worldwide for all positions except Americans who wants to work as search engine evaluator.Hires worldwide for all positions except Americans who wants to work as search engine evaluator.Only for AmericansHires from over 2 dozen countries.
One can work for unlimited number of hours except for Brazilians who are limited to 10-20 hours per week.Their hours are limited, up to 20 hous per week.
They give bonus hours of up to 10 hours per week when the task load is high.
Fixed 15 – 26 hours per week. Minimum of 15 hours is compulsory.Limited to 20 hours per week. Bonus hours may be given.
Candidates are hired as independent contractors, renewable after 6 months*Candidates are hired as independent contractors,   renewable after 12 months*Hired as part time employees.Candidates are hired as independent contractors, renewable after 6 months*
Pay rate ranges from $3/hr to $13 per hour.
Indians are paid $3/hr, Americans are paid up to $11/hr while Europeans are paid up to $13/hr
Pay rate ranges from $6.81/hr to $13 per hour.
Indians are paid $6.81/hr, Americans are paid up to $12/hr while Europeans are paid up to $13/hr
$11 – $13/ hr depending on which state of US you are in.Pay is in the range of $11- $13.5/hr based on your country.
Pays $25 per referral. I made over $5000 in referral alone.No referral programNo referral programNo referral program
Pays via Payoneer under NET 15 days terms.Pays via direct deposit under NET 15 days terms.Pays via Payoneer under NET 15 days terms..Pays with PayPal or direct deposit under NET 45 days terms.
Sign Up HereSign Up HereSign Up HereSign Up Here

Just one more step to go, before you start working as a Search Engine Evaluator.

The Qualification Test !

The Search Engine Evaluator Qualification Test is one of the toughest qualification test that I’ve appeared in my life. 

Unlike our school tests which requires us 30-40%

this test requires almost 90% to pass.

The test is a grueling one and hardly 1 out of 100 people that I’ve referred via my website has gone on to pass the test and work as an evaluator.

Hence this course was created.

To help you pass the test and work as an evaluator.

To help you be in the journey of escaping 9-5

To help you get more time to spend with your family

To help you make an extra income (up to $4000*)

What You Will Get In The Course?


Interactive Lessons


Heavy Focus on Practice



 Hundreds of Quizzes 



Pro – Tips & Tricks


 And most importantly, Access to an Active Rater

What you won’t get in the course


Direct Answers to Qualification Test Questions.
We aren’t allowed to do that, That’s called cheating.




Empty promises




Get Rich Quick Scheme


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this position only available in English?

No. Since Google operates in multiple languages, this position is available in different countries in their respective languages.

Do I have to be a technical person?

Not quite. You should just be able to use your laptop (PC/Mac) and smartphone and be comfortable using the internet. But being comfortable researching the web, being a daily user of Google can be very helpful.

Do I need to purchase equipment, software?

Naah. You only need smartphone, laptop or desktop (PC/Mac/Chromebook). And a stable internet connection. You don’t have to buy anything else unlike in other courses.

Do you provide refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this product, we do not provide refunds at the moment.

Am I guaranteed to pass the search engine evaluator qualification test with this course?

No. If you don’t put in the efforts, this course is no good to you. 

If you put in the effort, practice the quizzes that I’ve made, and take notes, there is no reason why You wouldn’t pass the qualification test.
But like all other courses, I can’t guarantee you anything.
Success depends on a lot of variables.
Even the best courses online won’t guarantee you anything if you don’t put in the efforts.

This course is designed to make things easier for you. To actually the pass the test, you will need to put in THE EFFORTS.


Can I become rich working as an evaluator?


But you can make a solid side income with this job. I personally make a full-time income working as an evaluator.  I made up to $2007/mo, being an Indian; and we are paid half of what the Europeans or Americans are paid. If I compare the rate at which I am paid to those of Europeans and other first world countries, I would’ve made $4000/mo approximately.

N.B. The new Indian Evaluators are paid $3/hr while the old ones like us are still paid $7/hr.  


Is this a long term project?

As long as you maintain the requisite quality, you can work for as many years as you want. I have personally been with them for over 3 years now. I know people who have been with them for over 7+ years.

Can anybody become an evaluator?

Nope. This is only for hard working people. The qualification test itself is so tough that hardly 1 out of 100 people get through. So this is definitely not for lazy and unmotivated globs. This course is designed to guide you go through this test.

Do you have any discounts?

I could price this course at $500 and sell it for $250 right? I don’t and won’t do that. 

You could make up the cost of the course in less than 1 day if you begin working as an evaluator*


What if this is just another scam?

I want you to go see all the videos above. 

The first video proves the presence of evaluators/raters as is admitted by the Google CEO, Sundar Pichai himself.

The second video proves me, writing about working as a Search Engine Evaluator since December 2016. The first income report proves that I’ve been working as an evaluator since 2016. { You can scroll up to watch the video one more time if you want to }.

The third video proves me making $2007 being an Indian, who is paid half of what Europeans or Americans are paid.

And this course doesn’t promise to make YOU rich overnight. This is not a Get Rich Quick scheme.

This is not a Cut & Paste Easy, Money Spinning Technique. Ah Ah.

I don’t promise to make you $1000s working 15 mins a day.

It takes real dedication, effort and expert guidance to work as an evaluator.



Got More Questions? You can Email Me Here

As Albert Einstein said –
“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”

Aren’t you tired of all those –

“Make $1000s per week doing this?”

“Make $1000s taking surveys?”

“Work 2 hours per day and make $2000/mo?”


I know you are tired of all those empty promises and questionable claims.

Hence it is time to try something different.

It is time to DO something different.

We aren’t INSANEs, are we?  🙂

Whether you are a stay-at-home mama or dady who is looking for an online income, or

whether you are  a college student who is looking for an extra income, or

whether you are an introvert who craves online job, or

whether you are just somebody who is looking for an online job,

and who is tired of looking for the right online job

I got your back.

Time For Doing Something Different is Now