If you have landed here, you most likely know who I am.

I am somebody who has been blogging about working for Leapforce since December 2016. Here are the proofs of my blog posts from that month. Here

I am been working as Search Engine Evaluator since June 2016. I wrote about it in my earliest blog posts.

I am still an active evaluator aka Rater.

I have been asked by people if there are any course available online that would train one to be a Google Rater. I said there are none at the moment.

Then it struck my mind, what if I create a course for people that would teach them the ins and outs of this industry and also help them in passing this exam

That’s when I created this course.

While, it wouldn’t give you direct answers to questions of the tests (I hate cheaters), it would give you a solid foundation to apply for this position, crack this test and work for a long long time as a Google Rater.

I don’t have to claim that I have been rating since that time of the year. I have been blogging about it for quite some time and most of my readers knows about.

This is a course that you can trust. You can rely on it.

If you work hard, follow the instructions, earning up to $2000 per month is quite easy.

See you on the other side.

Enroll here.