Can I make consistent income working as search engine evaluator?

Yes ! I have been at it for almost 3 years now.

My only regret is that why didn’t I find it earlier.

The first few months is gonna be a bit tough for you. The reason being, there is a lot to learn. Learning curve is a bit steep.

But with patience and hard work, making a consistent income is very possible working as search engine evaluator.

Every job be it a desk job or online job is difficult in the beginning. It takes some time to get used to it, learn all the ropes and get good at it.

So, yes it is possible to make consistent income with it.

Can I work as search engine evaluator with multiple companies at the same time? 

Noo.. Don’t do that. All the companies – Leapforce/Appen, Lionbridge and Raterlabs, have the same client – Google.

So you are basically working in the same platform although you are going via different companies.

Can multiple family members living in the same house work in these companies?

N0. Only one person per household living in the same house can work in these companies. However, if you are living at different houses and you use separate wifi or broadband connection, you can work at these companies.

How long does it take for them to get back to you?

It may take anywhere from few days to several months before you even hear back from them. That is not in my hands and I am not responsible for it.

Pro-tip- Do not re-apply multiple times via different gmail accounts using the same system and IP address. In fact just apply once in six months. If you don’t hear back from them in 6 months, then you may re-apply again?

Can I apply to all the companies at the same time?

Yes ! and you should. Because you never know from which company you will hear back first.

Just don’t let Lionbridge know (in case you apply there) that you have applied to Appen or some other similar companies.

However please note that only Raterlabs hires Americans as part time employees (26 hours per week). Other companies – Appen/Leapforce and Lionbridge hires Americans for other works that don’t give too many hours.

For all other applicants, you can apply to either Appen/Leapforce or Lionbridge.

Which companies pays better?

Here is the comparison. See for yourself –

Leapforce/Appen Connect


After being acquired by Appen, they have reduced the pay rate for Indians to $3 per hour from $7.They pay $6.87 /hr to Indians (Eng), up to $7.5 hr for other local Indian langauges.Pay ranges from $11-$13/hr
Europeans are paid $13.5 per hour while Americans are paid $11 (and more).The pay $13.5 – $14/hr to Europeans.This is only for Americans
Have a referral program where you get $25 for every qualified referral ( I made $1300+ in referrals alone).
No referral program

No referral program
One can work for unlimited number of hours except for Brazilians who are limited to 10-20 hours per week.Their hours are limited, ranging from 20 – 30 hours per week.One has to work 26 hours per week.
Apart from search engine evaluator position one can work in multiple projects at the same time.Cannot work at multiple projects at the same time.It only has search engine evaluator aka internet analyst aka rater position available.
Open for all ( Americans looking for evaluator position shouldn't apply here)Open for all ( Americans looking for evaluator position shouldn't apply here)Only for Americans.

Is this course endorsed or approved by Leapforce/Appen or Lionbridge or RaterLabs?

No. I am just a rater with them and been rating since June 2016. I am a blogger at Outside That Cubicle and the first blog posts that I wrote in December 2016 was about working with them.

You can check it out here if you don’t believe me.

I am authority and an expert when it comes to this work.

Do this course provide answers to qualification test questions?

Absolutely not!

I will never ever do that. Even if I do provide you with the answers to the questions, you may pass the test without reading the guidelines and without understanding anything. But you will face a lot or problems inside while rating and you will eventually be kicked out for poor quality rating, because there are quality checks every month.

However the course is designed to not only help you get a proper understanding of all the concepts but also crack the test.

Is this course necessary to pass this test?


But will this course make passing this qualification test so much easier?

Absolutely !

Only 1 out of 100 people can pass this test. That is a pass percentage of 1%

The passing score is 87% not 30%

So, you can either go solo and regret it or pay for a course that costs less than how much you would earn back in a single day working as a rater.

Can I work for 3 /4 years with these companies?

Yes ! You can. You only need to maintain quality work which requires little bit of effort in the beginning. I have seen people working with them for like 6 /7 years. I am almost nearing my 3rd year myself !

For any any other questions, you can always email me here –