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Welcome aboard!

I am so glad you are here.

Thank you for choosing this course and believing in it.

Becoming a Search Engine Evaluator aka Google Rater aka Internet Analyst is not an easy task. Many highly educated people fail this qualification test. Only 1 out of every 100 applicants gets through it.

This course is designed to teach you everything relating to search engine evaluation, what it is, what are the basic requirements to pass the test, and how to pass this test. We will go over every concept and idea that we will come across during search engine evaluation.

To get the best out of this course, here is what I would recommend you do –

Take this course on your laptop/desktop

Dhuh! Right?

But unfortunately, we can’t see the screenshots of webpages in full size on mobile devices. We will come across many images that have to be opened on a laptop or desktop for us to be able to study them carefully.

Its only the last test section, that you should use your mobile device. I will give you a heads-up before that, don’t worry.

Going over each section slowly

This is a vast course, it has many lessons and quizzes. Please go over every thing slowly. Don’t rush, don’t gloss over it.

Take notes

And do consider taking notes as you go along. I prefer writing down the key points on an A4 sheet using different colored ball pens. You can take notes as you wish.

Asking the right questions

I will be answering every question except those that are extremely naive or can be found in the lessons themselves. Do not hesitate to email any questions to support@searchengineevaluator.net

Last but not least, please check your email for username and password. As soon as you purchase this course, you are auto-enrolled into it.

Your account details – username and password are automatically sent to your email.

Check your email, including the spam folder, to see any emails from Search Engine Evaluator Training, and click on the link to log in, using your username and password as given. Once inside, you can change your password.

And do bookmark the login page of this course in your laptop/desktop browser.

Let’s begin!