Search Engine Evaluator Crash Course

Inside the course you get

60 Theoretical Questions

Theory exam is the first part of this test. The theory quiz inside has over 60 Theoretical Questions with multiple choice options. They are designed to test your knowledge of concept retention and to give you a taste of real qualification test. The questions are all based on application of course concepts to real life examples.

30 Page Quality Questions with 92 sub-questions

Page Quality is the Second Part of the Qualification Test. Inside the course, the Page Quality Quiz section has over 30 questions with 92 sub-questions. The sub-questions are designed to really test your concept application to real life scenarios. They are designed to be very hard.

30 Needs Met Questions with 112 sub-questions

Needs Met is the Third Part of the Qualification Test. It is considered the toughest part of the exam. The course inside has 30 NM questions with over 112 sub-questions. The sub-questions will confuse you, entice you to make mistake, so that you get the REAL PRACTICE.

Access to an active evaluator

Inside the course, you have a direct access to an active evaluator. I am not an ex-evaluator. That alone is worth 1000s of dollars. Moreover, I have been blogging about working as an evaluator since December 2016, unlike other course sellers who got no social proof of their work.

Find out 4 reasons why people fail this test

I believe that this alone is worth 10x of the course price. Know the exact reasons why people fail at this test, and avoid it smartly. Learn from concrete real-live examples. Eliminate all the guesswork, maximize your chances of success.

Lifetime access to the course/all updates

Once enrolled, you will have lifetime access to the course. You will also get automatic course updates, if there are any. Moreover, you don’t need any expensive software or or be sold any upsells inside the course. This is an all-inclusive course.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed, only and only for people who have already appeared for the qualification test before, but failed.

If you haven't taken the qualification test before, then DO NOT ENROLL in this course. For absolute newbies when it comes to search engine evaluator job, this is the course for you.


Who is this course NOT for?

Lazy Unmotivated Globs

    People looking               for              Quick Money

People Looking For Answers to Test Questions

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