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Are you tired of survey sites?

Are you tired of all those work from sites that hardly brings in few bucks per month?

Then you are in for a complete training on search engine evaluaton which brought me up to $2000+ in a single month alone !

So who is a Search Engine Evaluator?


Unsung Heroes

They are responsible for indirectly refining the algorithm of Google search. They make the Internet a better place.

Location Indepedent

They work from anywhere, anytime and are location independent. They are Boss Free.


Website Ninjas

They have the ability to research and find out the ins and outs of any website available online.

In short, search engine evaluators are people who evaluates websites or webpages and rate them according to the guidelines given by Google.

In the process of evaluating websites, an evaluator or a rater might have to scour websites, watch YouTube videos, Dailymotion videos, download music, listen to music, listen to voice assistant, download pdfs, read pdfs, go through mobile apps, Google Maps and so on.

Sometimes an evaluator may have to go through adult content as well depending on whether you opt for it or not.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much money can I make?

Anywhere from $400 – $4000 per month


How many hours can I work?

Anywhere from 20 hours per week to unlimted hours per week.


Can I work in my native language?

Since Google operates in several local languages, yes, you can work in your country’s language.


What is the pay per hour?

Depending on the country you are in, it can range anywhere from $3 to $13.5 per hour.


When do I get paid?

Depending on the company you work for, you get paid under NET 15 or NET 45 days terms.

Where can I work?

In the following three companies

Leapforce/Appen Connect

  • Formerly known as Leapforce, it is now Appen Connect.
  • One can work for unlimited number of hours except for Brazilians who are limited to 10-20 hours per week.
  • Apart from search engine evaluator position one  can work in multiple projects at the same time.
  • After being acquired by Appen, they have reduced the pay rate for Indians to $3 per hour from $7.
  • Europeans are paid $13.5 per hour while Americans are paid $11 (and more).
  • Have a referral program where you get $25 for every qualified referral ( I made $1300+ in referrals alone).
  • Accepts evaluators from almost every countries except for continent Africa.
  • If you are an American, don’t apply here, because they no longer accepts evaluators from USA.
  • Click below to check whether there is an opening for your country/language or not.
  • Leapforce/Appen Connect



How to Apply to Leapforce/Appen Connect?


Here is how. Please go through this instructional video.





  • Their hours are limited, ranging from 20 – 30 hours per week.
  • They give bonus hours of up to 15 hours per week when the task load is  high.
  • They have multiple positions to work for.
  • One cannot work in all those positions at the same time.
  • If  you apply for evaluator position which they call as “personalized internet assessor” don’t apply for other available positions.
  • They pay $6.87 /hr to Indians (Eng), up to $7.5 hr for other local Indian langauges.
  • The pay $13.5 – $14/hr to Europeans.
  • They pay under NET 45 days terms, meaning for this month February (say), you would get paid by 15th of April.
  • No referral program.
  • Accepts evaluators from every almost every countries
  • They do seem to have rater or evaluator position for Americans.
  • Click here below to apply
  • Lionbridge

How to apply to Lionbridge?


Here is a video instruction on how to



  • This is only for Americans. This is where I would recommend you to sign up if you are an American.
  • Americans are hired as part-time employees with up to 26 hours of work per week.
  • One can get employee benefits.
  • Pay rate ranges from $11 – $13.5 per hour.
  • Payment is done via Payoneer or direct deposit under NET 15 days terms.
  • Click here below to apply to Raterlabs.
  • Raterlabs

Here is how to apply to Raterlabs

 Here is how to apply to Raterlabs

Sign up for Payoneer and get $25 bonus

The bonus is paid as soon as you are paid $1000 to your Payoneer account.

What to expect in this course?


Interactive Lessons


Heavy focus on Practical


Hundreds of Quizzes




Tips and Tricks

Awesome bonuses


Bonus No 1 ($599 value)


You get direct access to me. That alone is worth 5 times of how much this  course is valued at .


Bonus No 2 ($599 value)


You get to know about several other work from home jobs that you may have never heard of**



Bonus No 3 ($599 value)


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Who is this course not for?


Lazy Unmotivated Globs


Those who want quick money


Can't follow instructions


Lacks patience and persistence

Ready to Enroll?

Just some final few words

There are two courses here.

One is for somebody who has absolutely no idea what search engine evaluation is.

The other one is for somebody who has attempted the rater qualification test but failed.


Search Engine Evaluator - A Complete Training Course for a Total Newbie

Here are the highlights of this course

  • Designed for a complete newbie.
  • Step-by-step breakdown of all the concepts.
  • Easy quizzes at the end of lessons to retain the concepts.
  • 26 modules with over 45 lessons.
  • It has all the quizzes that are in the crash course.
  • It has over 100 questions with over 170+ sub-questions.
  • Lifetime access to all future upgrades.
  • No Technical expertise required.
  • Only smartphone and PC/Mac is required.
  • No expensive softwares required.
  • Ask me questions inside.

Search Engine Evaluator - Crash Course

Here are the highlights of this course 

  • Designed for somebody who had already attempted the qualification test
  • It has 17 modules in total.
  • It has 120 questions with over 170+ sub-questions.
  • It has 60 theory quizzes with several sub-questions.
  • It has 30 Page Quality Quizzes with multiple sub-questions.
  • It has 30 Needs Met Questions with over 100 sub-questions.
  • No technical expertise required.
  • Only smartphone and PC/Mac required.
  • Ask me questions inside

See you on the other side